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Green Gables USG Monte Cristo 2*P

4th generation

Sire: VMCH Echo Hill's Ulysses S. Grant +*B (4th gen)
ss: Echo Hill's Lord Ulysses *B
sd: Hidden Creek's Amber Glow *P
Dam: Green Gables CB Ivory *P
ds: Country Dreams Charlie Brown
dd: Green Gables HDH Hail Storm

View extended pedigree here

DOB: 3/19/09

Percentage: 50/50 (Nubian/Nigerian)

Height: 26" (at 5 years old)

G6S Normal by Parentage

CRISSY is a beautiful chocolate doe - the one doe out of Ivory's sextuplets. Although she has a lot of control over her ears, they are long, soft, wide and well shaped. Crissy has beautiful conformation and a special personality. Crissy's dam is a very good milker with a lovely udder and is easy to milk. Crissy's sire also comes from great milk lines, and Crissy's first freshening started off with great production - first test had 5#'s of milk and 5.2% BF!  She ended up getting bred back earlier than planned so her lactation was not long enough to earn her milk star, but she earned it in a one day test in 2012.  Her following freshenings have been even better.  She milks heavily through her whole lactation giving over a gallon (8#'s) much of the time.  Crissy's udder is very soft, with tons of capacity.  Her udder is tightly attached, well shaped, and wide.  Her teats are nice & long and extremely easy-to-milk. The main thing I would like to improve in her udder is a stronger medial suspensory ligament which would also help her teats point more correctly down.  Other than that though, I am extremely happy with Crissy's udder.  Crissy is a family favorite for milking - she has a great will to milk and is usually still giving lots when the other does are starting to dry up.  We have retained one of her quad doelings from 2016 - Nana.

Crissy is retired due to a kidding injury in 2016.  We will be milking her as long as she continues to produce. She is still going strong at 371 days in milk with a steady 1/2 gallon per day (4#).

Crissy's face

Virtual Show Record

2014 - 2nd place aged doe (behind her dam who took RSCH) - Ring 2 MDGA Fall V-Show

2014 - 4th place aged doe - Ring 1 MDGA Fall V-Show

2013 - 4th place 4 yr old milker - Ring 1 & 2 MDGA Fall V-Show

2011: 3rd place 2 yr old - Ring 1 & 2 MDGA Fall V-show

2010: 2nd place 2 year old (placed behind Jasmine who took RsCH in other ring) - Ring 1 MDGA Summer V-show

2010: 3rd place 2 year old - Ring 2 MDGA Summer V-show

2010 - 3rd place yearling - DGI's v-show (class of 6) (unofficial)

2010: 5th place Sr. Yearling - Ring 1 & 2 MDGA Summer V-show

2009: 5th place Intermediate doeling (in a class of 7) - MDGA Fall V-show

2009: 5th place Intermediate doeling (in a class of 8) - Ring 1 MDGA Summer V-show

2009: 2nd place Intermediate doeling (in a class of 8) placed right behind Allie who took RsCH - Ring 2 MDGA Summer V-show

Crissy's dam, Ivory's, udder

MDGA Milk Records:


Age at



Days in




in test





in test





in test

2012 2-10 310 1288# - - - - BARN RECORDS
2012 2-10 One day test 5.4# 4.8% - 3.42% - 62 total points - Earned Milk Star!
2011 2-01 196 847.2 4.98% 42.16 3.15% 29.68 Bred back early

Click on the photos below to view Crissy's kids

Crissy's relatives...
Crissy's sire, Grant

Crissy's dam, Ivory

Grant's dam, Amber Glow

Ivory's sire, Charlie

View extended pedigree with more pictures, here

Pictures of Crissy...

Crissy's summer '09 v-show pictures:

Fall '09 v-show pictures (unclipped):

Summer 2010 V-Show pictures - unclipped again!

Crissy's 1st freshening udder:

 MiniNubain Milker

Crissy a few days after her first freshening.  I love that deep, long body, correctly shaped udder, sharp withers, well-blended shoulders, correct legs.....  Only things I'd change much are teat placement/stronger medial, and breed character.

MiniNubian milkerMiniNubian milker 

Crissy's Fall V-Show pictures. 

Crissy in her working clothes again.  You can see how much her udder capacity has improved her 2nd freshening:

Crissy's 2nd freshening udder:

Crissy's rotten Fall 2013 V-Show pictures.  She was in heat for these pictures, did NOT want to cooperate and is 6 months into her lactation and it was HOT out...

Crissy's udder at 5 years old:

Crissy's udder in 2016 after giving us quadruplet doelings!

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