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Have questions about the MiniNubian breed?  Look below for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions...

Why MiniNubians?
2nd gen MiniNubian doe with great breed character Everyone loves the floppy ears of the Nubian but standard Nubians get SOOOOO big!  (many get well over 200 lbs while most MiniNubians are close to 100# or less)
  The MiniNubians are smaller than the Nubian but larger than the Nigerian Dwarf.  Our does average around 24-26 inches at the withers (shoulder).  Their smaller size makes them a lot easier to handle than their larger relatives, so hoof trimming, clipping, showing and milking become much easier.  They are just the right size for young, elderly or disabled persons.  The MiniNubian is bred to look like the Nubian with those adorable floppy ears and roman noses, but to stay small.
Yummy MiniNubian milk is very rich Another advantage of the MiniNubian (especially for those with limited acreage) is that the Mini Nubian can produce 2/3rds the amount of milk as a Nubian on about half the feed.  Talk about efficient!  The MiniNubian makes the perfect home milker as they give lots of rich milk that is excellent for cheese-making, yogurt, butter etc as well as using in every way other milk is used. 
Mini Nubians love children The MiniNubian also has a wonderful personality.  They are very friendly, love attention and are very good with children.  They also come in just about every imaginable color and color combination which makes them extra fun!


What is a MiniNubian?

The MiniNubian is a mid-sized dairy goat that is a blend of Nigerian Dwarf and standard size Nubian dairy goat bloodlines.  The goal in breeding MiniNubians is to produce a mid-size dairy goat with good conformation, high milk production, and the pendulous ears and roman nose of the Nubian.

Check out my 'How to Breed MiniNubians' page for more details.

* Pictured are ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S 'E' a famous Nigerian Dwarf buck (photo courtesy of Rosasharn) and SGCH Hoanbu Status Misty Moonlight 2*M EX91, a beautiful Nubian doe (photo courtesy of Hoanbu).

What do those Percentages and Generations Mean?

This question is best answered in my article 'How to Understand the Percentages and Generations of Your Miniature Dairy Goat'

How Big are MiniNubians?
I like my does to be around 24-26 inches and my bucks around 26-28.  Most of my does weigh around 90-100 pounds at maturity - much easier to handle than a 150-200+ lb standard size Nubian!  Mini Nubians vary in height from almost as small as a Nigerian to nearly as large as a Nubian.  The ideal range is somewhere between that.  Each breeder will have their own preferred height.  I find that I can more consistently get correct breed character without getting too tall with does that stay around 25-26 inches.  This is a great height for milking - their udders are high enough off the ground to comfortably get a milk bucket and my hands under them.  They are also easy to handle at this size.
How Much Milk Does a MiniNubian produce?

MiniNubians can give a lot of milk

This also depends a lot on the doe.  A taller MiniNubian will likely give more than a smaller doe.  My does average around 5-6 lbs of milk per day (1 pound = 1 pint, or half a quart)  First time milkers will give less than experienced does.  My first fresheners usually milk 3-5 lbs a day.  My best milkers give about 7-8 lbs (1 gallon) each day.  The most milk I have had one doe give me in a single day was nearly 11 lbs!!!  You can see our herd's milk records on the Milk Records page

Here are two more pictures to show the size difference between full size Nubians and the MiniNubians...  It is especially helpful to have the bucks smaller!  Both of these bucks are about 2 years old and will probably grow a little more before they are mature.

Standard Nubian buck           vs.           MiniNubian buck

Mini Nubian Dairy Goats Wisconsin

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