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General Farm Updates

We will post major farm updates (such as the purchase of a new goat) here, but to keep up-to-date on other things (such as each time a kid is born, and other everyday type things) follow us on Facebook.  See milk testing results and v-show wins above.

January 2018 - Milk testing for this past year went fairly well with the majority of the does earning their milk stars.  Check out the Milk Test Results page for details.

2017 - We will be making a lot of hard decisions next spring (2018) and cutting back the herd a bit.  We are currently taking deposits for does in milk. We also have one doe available now (Green Gables SS Shining Hope *P)

Summer 2016 - We were not planning on adding any more bucks to the herd, but when I saw a facebook post about a pair of twin does in AZ and their udder and production, I just HAD to add this buck...  His dam, Lone Cottonwood PM Southern Bella *P makes more milk than most full sized Nubians peaking at almost 16# (2gallons) a day!  Her test days had just shy of12, 11 and 10# each. Click here to see Bella's milk testing records from 2016 - they dried her off early due to family events, but she made 1350# in 127 days!!!  Below are the udder pictures that caught my attention...Bella is on the left and her twin sister is on the right.  I had a hard time choosing between their two sons, but eventually settled on Bella's boy even though she has some damage to her udder due to mastitis her previous freshening.

So, Mini Ranch BC Desert Thunder is our newest herdsire!

More pictures can be seen on his page by clicking his name above.

Spring 2015 - We lost one of the best bucks we ever had this past winter, VMCH Green Gables SS Moonbeam *B.  We were REALLY hoping for a doeling out of Sapphire by him, but she gave us twin bucklings.  However, I was able to buy back a doe from the same breeding that we did a few years ago.  Welcome home to Green Gables Cali Luna!  Thank you SOOOO much Colleen Peacock for selling her back to me.

Spring 2015 - Finally got the entire herd tested for G6S.  Thankfully all came back normal except for the new buckling that we had purchased last year (Orion).  He will be castrated and go to someone as a brush trimmer.  But we are SO happy to report that the rest of the herd is all G6S NORMAL.

June 2013 - We added 2 BEAUTIFUL 1st gen animals to our herd.  Silver Creek Farm bred several VERY nice top-quality Nubians to some lovely Nigerian bucks and we were able to get 2 of the resulting kids from them.  Jive is a blue eyed buckling out of an incredible milker and Coconut is a lovely little black doeling out of another lovely doe.  Click on their pictures to see more about them...

 April 2013 - Website updated with new udder pictures on Luna, Laurie, Polly, & Adelita.  Retained doelings from '13 also listed. 

August 2012 - Introducing our new, 5th gen MiniNubian buckling from Oregon - Echo Hill's DO Goldstone!

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