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Green Gables USG Trillium 2*P

3rd generation - American
1 V-CH 'leg'

Sire: VMCH Echo Hill's Ulysses S. Grant +*B (4th gen)
ss: Echo Hill's Lord Ulysses *B
sd: Hidden Creek's Amber Glow 1*P
Dam: Country Dreams Rosebud 1*P (2nd gen.)
ds: Morning-Glow Flax
dd: Carey's Sweet Pea

View extended pedigree here

DOB: 3/20/08

Percentage: 50/50 (Nubian/Nigerian)

Height: 24.75" (at 5 years old)

G6S Normal by Parentage

TRILLIUM - I waited for this doe for a long time! Her dam, Rosebud gave us many beautiful bucks but was gracious to give us this one beautiful girl.  I have always wanted a buckskin MiniNubian. Now here she is! And what a doe! She has WONDERFUL conformation, with a smooth, level top-line, strong feet and legs, tons of body capacity with a wide chest. She has nice breed character although her ears could be little softer and wider.  To top it all off, Trillium freshened with an absolutely stunning udder.  Socked on TIGHT and very capacious.  Her teats are correctly placed and well shaped.  She milks extremely well for her size giving almost as much as some of the does who are several inches taller than she is.  She gave over 1050#'s of milk in 2011 with a 5.46%BF. 
We retained both of her 2010 bucklings out of Star and they are doing great things in our herd with their daughters freshening with gorgeous udders that have excellent attachments like Trillium.  We also have two of her daughters in our herd, Marigold and Cami.

Trillium's udder at 8yrs old


Trillium's udder as a first-freshener (just 4 days fresh)

Virtual Show Record

2015 - 1st place aged doe - Ring 1 MDGA Summer V-show

2015 - 2nd place aged doe (behind Hope who took GCH) - Ring 2 MDGA Summer V-show

2014 - 3rd place aged doe - Ring 1 MDGA Fall V-show

2014 - 4th place aged doe - Ring 1 MDGA Fall V-show

2012 - GRAND CHAMPION & 1st place 4yr old milker - Ring 3 MDGA Summer V-show

2012 - RESERVE CHAMPION & 1st place 4yr old milker - Ring 2 MDGA Summer V-show

2012 - 1st place 4yr old milker - Ring 1 MDGA Summer V-show

2011 - 2nd place 3yr old milker; 1st place udder - Ring 2 MDGA Fall V-show

2011 - 2nd place 3yr old milker - Ring 1 MDGA Fall V-show

2010 - 2nd place young milker - DGI's virtual show (class of 12) (unofficial)

2010: 4th place 4 yr old Milker (class of 6) - Ring 1 & 2 MDGA Summer V-show

2009: 6th place Sr. Yearling (class of 8) - Ring 1 &  2 MDGA Summer V-show

2008 - 1st place Intermediate doeling in MDGA's Virtual show

Trillium's side udder 8yrs old 

Trillium's sire, Grant

MDGA Milk Records:


Age at



Days in




in test





in test





in test

2012 4-01 (ff) 223 918# - - - - BARN RECORDS
2012 4-01 One day Test 5.6# 4.45% - 2.92% - 62 total points
2011 3-00 305 1051.5 5.46% 57.36 3.65% 37.47 Earned Milk Star!
2010 2-00 260 508.3 4.39% 26.33 3.33% 21.92 Mastitis early
in lactation

Click the pictures to see Trillium's kids

Trillium's relatives...
Trillium's sire, Grant

Trillium's dam, Rosebud

Grant's dam, Amber Glow

Rosebud's dam, 'Rock'

Trillium's brothers, Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee:

Pictures of Trillium...

Trillium as a baby (these were just too cute - I couldn't pick just one!):

'Trilly' at about three months old.

Trillium as a dry yearling. 

Summer '09 v-show pictures (she did NOT want to cooperate for the side picture!):

Just for fun...

Fall '09 v-show pictures.  As soon as you put the collar on her, she immediately looks worse than in real life!  She is such a pretty, correct doe that these pictures do not do her justice.  They do show her rich, unclipped color though.

Trillium's large, correct, 1st freshening udder.

Trillium's Summer 2010 V-Show pictures (unclipped).  Sadly she got mastitis about 2 weeks into her lactation, so her production was waaay down for these pictures.  And, like her dam, she is NOT photogenic and looks horrible in pictures compared to real life.

Trillium's breed character:

Trillium's 2nd freshening udder (2 & 4 weeks fresh):

MiniNubian udder - MILKMiniNubian udder - MILK

Trillium's Fall V-Show pictures.

Trillium's 2012 v-show pictures (4 year old class)

A few more pictures from Trillium's v-show photo shoot - she's so pretty!

Trillium's working udder at 6 years old and just a few weeks fresh.  She still has super high, tight attachments - this udder doesn't budge!

Trillium's V-Show pictures Fall, 2014 (7 yrs old and at the end of her lactation)

Trillium's udder in 2015 (8yrs old).  love how her udder is still snugly attached and holding up very well.

Trillium's Summer 2015 v-show pictures.  This is her 6th freshening.

Trillium's udder at 9 years old.  Last picture is after milking with an empty udder.  I like how you can see her very nice lateral attachments in this picture.

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