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Country Dreams Pixie 1*P

3rd generation - American     1 V-CH 'leg'

Sire: +B Echo Hill's Shining Star (4th gen)
ss: FMCH Rainbow Meadow's Charlie Brown
sd: Hidden Creek's Sierra Wind
Dam: Country Dreams Dora (2nd gen.)
ds: Carey's Sweet Pea
dd: Morning-Glow Flax

Click here for extended pedigree

DOB: 4/13/07

Height: 25.5" (at 4 yrs)

EMMA, as we call her, is a beautiful red doe with a white belt and frosted ears and nose. I thought I wouldn't be needing any more does to add to my herd... Until I saw Emma! Star only gave us one doeling in 2008 so when I had an opportunity to buy one of his daughters from another farm, I couldn't resist. Emma has lovely breed character and conformation. She is very long bodied with correct feet and legs and a strong topline. Her dam is a great milker giving nearly 8 lbs (1 gallon) of milk a day. Her sire, Star, also comes from a line of great milkers. Emma has a beautiful udder that is very soft and capacious.  Her teats are long and very easy to milk.  She is a wonderful milker giving about 5-7 lbs a day.

Here is what one of the Judges of the Summer 2010 V-show said about Emma:

"This is a very stylish doe showing lots of desirable straits. Too bad she did not have some competition. In General Appearance this doe excels in a very strong topline being very level from chine to rump. Her length and height to the rump adds to her general appearance points.  She excels in the front end assembly being smoothly blended from withers to shoulders and blends smoothly into the brisket. She also exhibits a softer more lustrous hair coat. She has an uphill stance and shows increasing dept of body back towards a refined flank. Adding to that Body Capacity, she is deep in the hearth girth. In Dairy Character she has greater angularity throughout being sharper from hip to pins. Her longer leaner neck adds to her feminity and she shows more openness and is freer from coarseness. Her mammary system has the advantage of be a more correctly shaped udder showing a strong medial suspensory ligament and correctly shaped and placed teats. This would be the doe I would take home, and her owner is to be commended for the fine breeding they obviously have committed to."


Emma's 2009 doeling, Allie

Virtual Show Record

2010: RESERVE CHAMPION MiniNubian Sr. Doe - Ring 2 MDGA Fall V-Show

2010: BUB and 1st place MiniNubian 3 yr old - Ring 1 MDGA Fall V-Show

2010: BEST DOE IN SHOW & GRAND CHAMPION MiniNubian Sr. Doe and BUB - Ring 1 MDGA Summer V-Show

2010: RESERVE CHAMPION MiniNubian Sr. Doe - Ring 2 MDGA Summer V-Show

2009: RsCH MiniNubian doe (Ivory was GCH).  1st place 2 yr old - MDGA Fall V-show

2009: 2nd place 2 yr old MiniNubian (placed behind Lucy) - Ring 1 and 2 MDGA Summer V-show

2008: 2nd place Sr. Yearling in MDGA's Virtual show (placing right behind Grace who took RsCH)

Emma's 1st freshening udder (see bottom of page for 2nd freshening!)

MDGA Milk Records:


Age at



Days in


Total Milk

in test



Total Butterfat

in test

Ave Protein%

Total Protein

in test

2012 5-00 One day test 4.9# 4.09% - 2.98% - 53 total points
2011 4-00 294 1257.96 5.62% 70.15 4.45% 55.84 Mastitis late in lactation
2010 2-11 291 990.3 4.97% 40.92 3.85% 31.41  
2009 1-11 254 849.3 4.71% 48.90 3.24% 30.37 Earned Milk Star!

Click on the pictures to see Emma's kids

Emma's relatives
Emma's sire, Star

Star's dam, Sierra Wind

Star's sire, RM Charlie Brown

Emma's dam, Dora

Rock, Dora's dam

Emma's full brother, Caramel

Pictures of Emma...

Emma as a young kid:

Emma as an older kid:

Emma as a dry yearling:

2008 V-Show yearling pictures:

Emma as a first freshening 2 year old.  She is unclipped in these photos.  (Summer 2009 V-show pictures):

Fall '09 v-show pictures - 7 months fresh, unclipped, and no helper to set her up...

Emma's lovely 2nd freshening udder:

Emma's 2010 v-show pictures (not clipped and not bagged up very well!):

Fall 2010 V-Show pictures:

A totally not set up picture of Emma...  Ignore the silly mouth from chewing cud and notice the level topline, well shaped udder (even with only 8 hours of milk), sharp withers, length of body and correct feet and legs.

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