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Green Gables EHJ Lady Nutmeg 2*P

2nd generation

Sire: +*B Echo Hill's Jasper  (3rd gen)
ss: Echo Hill's Lord Apollo
sd: Hackman Farms Easter Sunrise
Dam: Careys White Cloud 1*P (1st gen.)
ds: Carey's I Wanna Be A Millionaire (N)
dd: Buttin' Heads Mont Olive (ND)

View extended pedigree here

DOB: 3/17/07

Percentage: 56.25/43.75 (Nubian/Nigerian)

Height: 25.5" (at 4 yrs)

Son & two half siblings tested normal for G6S

NUTMEG has a super sweet personality and BEAUTIFUL breed character.  Both of which she readily passes on to her offspring.  Her sire Jasper has thrown gorgeous kids and Nutmeg is a great example of that. Nutmeg's dam, 'Arthur', was a lovely doe that milked like a cow. Nutmeg got her beautiful breed character from her sire - long, soft, well shaped ears and a slightly roman nose.   Nutmeg's udder is soft and she is super easy to milk.  She also has high butterfat so her milk is very rich and sweet.  The first milk test of the year (2011) she gave 8.2#s!!!  That's over 1 gallon in a 24 hour period.  VERY good for a doe that is only 25" tall and weighs barely 100#s.  She has also proven a will to milk by milking through from freshening in 2012 to still giving around a quart a day in 2014 without kidding again.  We have retained one of her 2011 bucklings, Spice.

Nutmeg had a chance to prove just how sweet she is when she broke her left rear leg in the spring of 2008. She was so well behaved about it and submitted to the many x-rays and vet appointments with a sweet and loving attitude. As long as I was with her, she was calm and content. The vet thought we'd have to sedate her to set her leg, but Nutmeg we so well behaved we didn't have to (for which we are very grateful as anesthesia is dangerous for goats). After a pretty hefty vet bill, Nutmeg recovered well from her accident. Although she will probably always have a limp, it looks like she will be able to live a pretty normal life. 

UPDATE 2010:  Nutmeg's leg is well healed and although her leg is not as straight as the other, she doesn't even limp.  She gave us 2 beautiful doelings in 2009 and two more gorgeous doelings in 2010! (and then two sets of twin bucklings to make up for it in '11 and '12...)


Nutmeg's face as a kid

Virtual Show Record

2010: 2nd place 3yr old.  Placed behind Emma who took RsCH and Best Udder of Breed. Ring 1 and 2 MDGA Fall V-show

2009: 4th place 2 yr old MiniNubian (placed behind Grace) Ring 1 and 2 MDGA Summer V-show

2008 - Not shown due to broken leg

2007: Nutmeg was 2nd in her class in an 'unofficial' online goat show. She placed right behind Grace who took Jr. GCH.

Nutmeg's other side

MDGA Milk Records:


Age at



Days in


Total Milk

in test



Total Butterfat

in test

Ave Protein%

Total Protein

in test

2012 5-01 (ff) In Progress
1143# - - - - BARN RECORDS
2012 5-01 One day test 6# 6.23% - - - 79 total points!
2011 4-01 305 1493.9 5.61% 83.81 3.58% 53.54 Earned Milk Star!
2010 3-00 290 609.8 5.73% 31.86 3.59% 20.17  
2009 2-00 255 663.4 5.77% 39.18 3.32% 20.74  


Click the pictures to see Nutmeg's BEAUTIFUL kids

Nutmeg's relatives
Sire, Jasper

Pictured as a kid

Dam, White Cloud (a.k.a. Arthur)

Pictured at nearly 7 years old

Jasper's parents:



Easter Sunrise - MiniNubian

'Arthur's' sister, 'Rock':

Click here to see Nutmeg's extended pedigree and more pictures

Pictures of Nutmeg

As a kid:

Nutmeg at about 6 months old:

Nutmeg's beautiful face:

Nutmeg with LGD:

Nutmeg as a first freshening 2 year old (these are her summer '09 v-show pictures)

Nutmeg's 2nd freshening udder (clipped and unclipped):

Finally some half decent photos of Nutmeg.  Her udder was obviously not real full, but you can at least see her conformation better.  She is unclipped in these photos.


Nutmeg's 3rd freshening udder (unclipped).  It really doesn't photograph well!


Nutmeg's 4th freshening udder.  Check out the W I D T H!


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