Kidding Kit

Kidding season is much less stressful when you are prepared and have everything on hand that you need.  Here are some of the things I keep in my kidding kit:

Paper towels (or other disposable or easily washable cloths for cleaning kids)

Bulb/Nasal syringe (for clearing the breathing passages if they inhaled birthing fluid)

Iodine 7% or 10% (for dipping navels) and a small cap.  Film canisters work great, but with digital cameras they are hard to find now.  The cap of the pop or water bottle you are use for feeding the kid works very well.

Dental floss (for tying umbilical cords if they don't break on their own)

Cell phone and Vet's number (and/or number of experienced goat keeper who is willing to help)

Paper and Pencil (for recording birth order, abnormalities, birth weights)



  Sterile Gloves (I don't actually use these any more as I can work better barehanded and just be sure I am scrubbed clean if I have to assist with a birth)
  K-Y Jelly or other lubricant (vegetable oil can work in a pinch - just do not use mineral oil as it can cause sterility)
Bottle and Nipple

I used to put these in a bag but had a hard time keeping the goats out of it.  Finally, I tried putting it all in a 5 gallon pail with a lid.  Then the bucket is my seat in the barn while I am waiting for the doe to deliver.  Works GREAT!


Hoegger's Goat Supply (Nipples and Lam-bar Supplies)

Caprine Supply (Nipples and Lam-bar Supplies)

Jeffers Livestock Supply (Iodine etc.)