Labor and Kidding

A photo story of kidding.  Tips for recognizing labor and what a doe in labor looks like...

Here are pictures taken of Green Gables Milk 'N Honey Raisin.  A.k.a. 'Raisin'

Several hours before delivery, you can tell that Raisin is in labor.  Her belly has dropped, and the angle of her rump has gotten steeper.  Her ears are held back in the picture as she is having a contraction.

first stages of labor

She is standing with her back end pushed against the fence - does often do this when in labor.  You can also see how she is standing like she is in discomfort.

standing in discomfort

Here she is pawing in an effort to make a nest for herself and her babies.  Does do this a LOT when in labor.


In this photo, you can see that the udder is tight, and that her sides have sunken in a little as the kids have gotten into position.  It also shows the steeper angle of her rump some.

steep rump and full udder

The mucus plug.  (you can see the steepening of the rump in this photo)

mucus plug

A doe will often hold her tail in this kinked position when in labor.

tail position

In this picture, you can see that her rear end is higher, and that she is pushing under the straw with her leg - she's having a contraction.


Notice the 'locked' position of the rear legs.  The doe will appear to have 'posty' legs when in labor - especially during contractions.

locked rear legs

A strong contraction!

strong contractionsstrong contrations

Strong contractions while lying down.


After the first water broke.

first water

Didn't get any good delivery pictures of this birth, but here's one most of the way born

(yes, our livestock guardian dog is a trained midwife):


The happy results!

2 bucks and a doeling




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