Get Great Tasting Milk from Your Goat!


Goats have the wonderful ability to flavor their milk with what they eat so you can have an influence on the taste of the milk by what you feed them. It also means that unpleasant flavors can be imparted to the milk by things they eat. The milking environment and how the milk is handled also has a large impact on the flavor of the milk. Many people think ofgoats milk as 'yuck'. In reality it does not taste too much different from fresh whole cows milk if it is handled properly. This article will give you some tips on how to help your dairy animal give you some of the best milk possible.

Steps you can take to ensure tasty milk...


Plant your pastures with flavor, butterfat and milk increasing herbs.  Many of these can also be used in the ration either as a feed or a top dressing (most herbs are dried for preservation)  Below is a list of herbs that are excellent for improving the quality of your milk:


 Here are some other herbs and supplements/feeds that you probably can't grow in your pastures, but can add to your feed mix or use as a top dressing:


Keep plants that give off flavors out of your pasture.  Garlic and onion can give an unpleasant flavor to the milk so keep them out of the pasture and only use them at milking time so the flavor has left the system before the next milking.

Keep your milking area and equipment spotless. Raw milk picks up flavors readily so keep everything very clean. Keep goat bucks (male goats) away from the does and milking area as their musk/'cologne' can flavor the milk and give it a 'bucky' flavor. Stainless steel milking equipment is the best choice for flavor.

Wash the udder before milking. This will help prevent manure, dirt, dead skin and hair from falling into the milk. You can also brush the animal before milking - especially if they are shedding.

Strain the milk immediately after milking. This gets anything that may have gotten past you preventative measures mentioned above out of the milk quickly.  Cool the milk as quickly as possible after milking. Placing it in the freezer after milking can speed this process up much quicker than putting it in the refrigerator.

Store the milk in glass and keep it covered.  Milk picks up flavors and smells easily so keeping it covered will help keep it from picking up smells from you refrigerator.

Additional Tips

Keep you barns and loafing areas clean

Keep the fly population down - fly predators are great fly management

Keep udders and belly trimmed of excess hair

Don't let bucks live with milking does

Do not use milk that has been stepped it.  Your dog or cat will love it, but it should not be used for human consumption.

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